History and Advances in Liposuction

Early in his career, Dr, Hall decided to specialize in tumescent liposuction, and invested in special training. He was trained by Dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor of the Tumescent liposuction technique. Hall went on to become an advocate and pioneer of the Tumescent liposuction technique, because it is the safest, most effective method of liposuction, yet it has only been available since the mid-1980s.

For several years prior to the introduction of tumescent liposuction, even traditional methods were not available in the United States.

Liposuction was invented by Dr. Giorgio Fischer, a gynecologist from Rome, Italy. Four years later, Dr. Illouz, a plastic surgeon from Paris, France began treating patients in 1978. Eventually, the procedure made its way to the U.S. in 1982, but it arrived with some controversy due to several related deaths from complications. Unfortunately, many of the deaths were caused by overly-confident, and under-qualified plastic surgeons that combined the procedure with abdominoplasty (tummy tucks).

Dr. Jeffrey Klein and Dr. Patrick Lillis, both dermatologic surgeons, invented what is the original Klein Tumescent Technique, which addressed the complications: anesthesia, improper fat removal and blood-loss. Their method of liposuction, which is practiced at Infini Cosmetic Associates, allows the selective numbing of large areas of subcutaneous fat by local anesthesia – a special formula of sterile dilute salt water, adrenaline, lidocaine and bicarbonate to inflate fatty tissues for easier penetration of the suctioning wand (cannula). This reduces trauma to the area and the solution reduces pain, bleeding and complications. Viola! Tumescent solution is now a safer solution.

Dr. William Hall is now a Lipo expert and educator. He still practices the original tumescent technique as developed by Dr. Klein twenty years after its introduction, because it is still the safest method of liposuction available. In addition, Dr. Hall incorporates other Lipo applications, such as SmartLipo. To learn more about Tumescent Liposuction, e-mail us today.

Reduced Complications
Most people become a bit nervous about having a surgical procedure, but complications from liposuction are rare. Most cases occur due to poor judgment, lack of surgical experience and misuse of anesthesia or pharmacological products.

Refining Your Image Via Liposcuction
This decision has to be the right one for you, because ultimately, you are the one living with your body. Liposuction is considered an art-form for many surgeons who specialize in this procedure. Dr. Hall has plenty of experience, new applications, perfectionism and workmanship to help you look your best in the safest environment.

Facts to consider:

  • Excess fat removal is dangerous and is an important cause for serious liposuction complications.

  • It is important to limit the number of procedures preformed in any one day, depending on your physician’s recommendation.

  • The Microcannula instruments used during the tumescent technique produce the most refined results and the smoothest finish, because they are so small and require smaller incisions.

  • The incisions heal quickly, leaving virtually no scarring or residual dimpling in the skin.

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